QBCC Building & Construction Accountants in Brisbane

Lay a solid foundation for your business’ success.

  • We’re QBCC experts
  • Large building and construction client base means we’ve done it all before
  • More than just accountants, we can help with business improvement matters too

Laying solid foundations for your business isn’t as easy as it seems. And unfortunately, it’s normally too late when you realise how important these solid foundations are. We know that times can be tough, but a successful future can be achieved through the right advice and planning.

Coupled with our expertise in property accounting, we are an active player in the building & construction industry. We assist our clients at all stages in the business life cycle to grow their businesses, by guiding them through such challenges as QBCC licensing, income tax, structuring and commercial issues.

We can provide you with a full range of general and specialist services to help you improve the position of your building & construction business and its competitive position. From improving cash flow to cutting your tax bill, our specialists will provide solutions focussed advice that tackles issues head on.

Queensland trade businesses who we help

  • Project builders – residential and commercial
  • Spec builders & housing renovation
  • Manufacturers – building materials & home components
  • Contractors – engineering, rigging, tiling, concreting, cranes, plumbers, electrical, fencing, glass installation, civil works and air-conditioning.

QBCC (formerly BSA) Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Holding a QBCC licence is critical to your business and financial well-being. So let our specialists guide you through it. We’re experts in the financial requirements that you must meet as a licensee in order to maintain your QBCC licence each year, and will help you plan so that your licence doesn’t become a problem.

We’ll help your business with:

  • Licence applications
  • Licence reviews & audits
  • Monitoring of QBCC financial requirements
  • Restructures to meet the financial requirements
  • Representations to QBCC

We have experience in making representations to the QBCC for and on behalf of clients and professional bodies. We have also assisted in submissions to the QBCC for changes to the QBCC’s “Financial Requirements for Licensing”.

Accounts and taxation specialists for the building & construction industry

Running your business from day to day isn’t just about the core services you provide, it’s about maintaining the numbers behind the scenes so that you can cut costs and make money. Our building and construction specialists can help you with a range of accounting and tax services, including:

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Income tax returns
  • Business activity statements
  • Fringe benefits tax
  • Corporate tax issues
  • GST
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • ATO audit reviews
  • Structuring advice
  • Acquisition and sales
  • Finance assistance
  • Cashflow and planning

Business improvement for the trades industry

Business improvement should be a key priority when demand is low. You need to stop and take a look at the big picture; consider where your business is now and where you want to go. Remember that an increase in sales isn’t the only way to boost your profits. Waste reduction and other solutions can give you the lifeline you need.

Our accounting specialists offer the following business improvement services to building & construction businesses:

  • Finance assistance with banks, bank guarantees
  • Systems/ processes reviews
  • Risk identification
  • Financial health checks
  • Profit improvement workshops
  • Monthly/ quarterly management meetings
  • Cashflow and profit projections

Audit, Superannuation (SMSF), estate planning and succession planning

Further to the services described above, we are able to provide our full suite of audit, self-managed superannuation, estate and succession planning services to your business and family. In terms of audit, we can assist you with trust account audits, external audits, fraud investigations, forensic accounting and due diligence reviews. To read more about our audit services, visit the audit page. For your other needs we have personal and self-managed superannuation specialists, and experts who can provide advice on property transactions, asset protection strategies, wealth creation strategies, estate planning and succession planning.

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