Audit & Assurance Services in Brisbane

Working through the layers of your organisation.

  • Hassle free communications
  • Pain free process
  • One size doesn’t fit all, so you will receive a tailored solution

External audits and assurance

Your audit process doesn’t have to be a tearful one. It is an excellent opportunity to gain some valuable advice regarding your business’ position and its future direction. We know how much an audit can disrupt your day to day operations, especially when your auditor doesn’t tailor their approach to who you are or how you work.

So our approach is to keep things simple and straightforward. We’ll ask you what you need from us, and we tell you what we’ll need from you to get there – including any statutory requirements. We’ll peel back the layers of your business and develop a thorough understanding of your operations so that you receive a quality service and we get a happy client – tears avoided.

As with all our engagements, our approach has a real emphasis on proactive communication. This means we’ll keep your internal stakeholders fully engaged with every step of the audit process. We also put experienced staff on all engagements

Audit approach for reports and insights

When the decision is made to acquire, sell or merge a business, a thorough investigation of both obvious and hidden potential risks and opportunities is essential. We’re fortunate that our teams work fantastically well together, so when their combined assurance, advisory and tax skills are called upon for these engagements, we are confident of a seamless delivery.

Our due diligence team will review:

  • reliability of financial information
  • potential and existing liabilities
  • accounting systems and controls
  • business and industry risks
  • key operational processes
  • critical success factors
  • tax implications, risks and opportunities
  • business synergy and cost saving opportunities
  • management and human resource matters
  • future working capital requirements

If you have considered a value due diligence review then please visit our valuations page.

We recognise that one size does not fit all, so each due diligence review is tailored to match your needs.

QBCC (formerly BSA) licensing

Everyone operating in the building and construction industry is required to be licensed through the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Drawing upon our expertise in the building and construction sector and knowledge of the QBCC’s requirements, we can assist you in the licensing process and provide guidance where you need it.

Part of the licensing process involves the reporting of the business’ financial capacity from an authorised accountant. This is where we come in. It often involves either a review or audit of your financial reports, which our experts are undoubtedly well-placed to assist with.

Take a look at our building & construction page for more services that we offer to the industry.

Meet our audit and assurance specialists in Queensland

Audit & Assurance FAQ's

Audit services involve the examination of financial statements and underlying records to provide an opinion as to whether the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Assurance services involve providing an independent and objective opinion on the reliability of an entity’s financial statements and other financial information. Assurance services are not limited to financial statements, but can include areas such as internal controls, compliance, and risk management.

The main purpose of an audit is to provide an independent and unbiased assessment of a company’s financial statements and the internal controls in place to ensure the accuracy and reliability of those financial reports. Audits are also used to detect and deter fraud, and to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

No, assurance and audit are not the same. An audit is an independent examination of financial statements, accounts, and records to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations, while assurance is an independent professional opinion that is expressed about the reliability of a system’s financial statements.

An audit is a comprehensive examination and verification of a company’s financial statements and accounting records. It is more thorough than a review and is conducted by an independent auditor. A review is a limited assurance engagement that involves analytical procedures, inquiries and discussions with management. It is less rigorous than an audit and does not provide assurance on the financial statements.

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