Oil, Gas & Mining Accountancy Advisors

Discover what’s beneath the surface of your business.

  • We’ll help reduce risk by planning and implementing a bullet proof business model
  • We’re QLD specialists
  • Long standing client relationships mean we have a genuine knowledge of the natural resource sector

Working in an industry with such a prevalent mix of risk and prosperity can make your business model a nightmare. Knowing how to buffer yourself from the risk, however, can properly position you to grasp those opportunities and translate them into business success.

No matter where you are in the industry, from geologists through to mining engineers or the supliers to oil, gas and mining companies, our specialists can guide you through the challenges you face. We recognise the volatility within the industry and will help ensure that our clients survive and flourish.

Our Queensland specialists have been active in the natural resources industry for many years and have experience advising clients across the spectrum of the sector, from owners and operators, to contractors and subcontractors, and equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

On an international scale, our UHY affiliate firms offer their services to a range of listed oil & gas companies, as well as exploration and production groups across a range of oil & gas, uranium, copper, zinc, gold, silver and diamond companies. Most of these clients have operations in areas such as the US, Africa, South America, Australia, Middle East and the Far East.

Mining Industry Tax specialist for your Queensland business

We can advise and assist you with:

  • Audit
  • Corporate tax – including structural advice
  • Asset protection
  • Business migration – if you are planning to move operations to or from Australia
  • International trade, tax, and transfer pricing
  • Indigenous community work
  • Business improvement consulting
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Superannuation for temporary and permanent residents
  • Risk assessments
  • Mergers & acquisitions, MBOs
  • Corporate governance
  • Internal controls
  • Financial reporting
  • Litigations matters
  • Succession planning and exit strategies
  • Employee matters – living away from home allowance, rental assistance

Accounting & Financial Services for Mining Companies talk to UHY in Brisbane

By maintaining close, long standing relationships with our clients we have developed a genuine understanding of the issues affecting the natural resources industries and we are able to offer a combination of professional excellence and technical understanding with an awareness of the commercial parameters affecting the industry.