Litigation Support Services in Brisbane

Helping with all aspects of litigation … even the prickly bits.

  • Simplifying the litigation process
  • Clear and strong communications every step of the way
  • Commercially minded explanations

Litigation isn’t something that any of us want to be involved in. But it happens. Our role is to help things move as smoothly as possible for you, which includes tackling those ‘prickly’ bits too.

We’ll work with you to provide quality and reliable litigation support in:

  • economic loss
  • business disputes
  • fraud
  • family law cases

Whether the issue is complex or minor, the information we prepare and present on your behalf is dependable and extensive for use in negotiations and in court.

Family law valuations

We have a strong record in family law valuations and apply our skills and expertise to the family law property settlement process for many clients and lawyers. For many of our clients or lawyers we assist, we simply step in when things are not going the way they like. We have systematic and transparent valuation methods that have been continuously developed with our experience and knowledge.

Our practical and hands on approach to conducting these valuations incorporates our knowledge of the challenges that small and medium businesses face.

We also can help the partner to a family law matter understand their own position and get on top of their own affairs.

Economic loss calculations

When a thorough assessment of loss is needed, it’s essential that a qualified external party such as our specialists determine the extent of the loss internally. This will bolster the quality and reliability of the report so that it can be presented at Court. Our skills are amongst the top providers out there, but we confidently stand out from the crowd with our reputable communication skills and personal touch.

We also offer more to the process with our experience in providing unique tax effective solutions to our clients.

Litigation support to achieve the best possible taxation outcome

In the unfortunate event of a marriage breakdown many people neglect tax implications.

Unknown to many, our tax legislation can create a large number of opportunities for effective tax strategies prior to, at the time of and after the property settlement.

Taxable areas of property settlement include:

  • compulsory rollovers under the capital gains tax (CGT) rules
  • capital gains tax as it applies to the sale of property and its concessional aspects
  • income tax planning and effective tax planning strategies
  • company loan and company payment situations
  • effective dividend strategies
  • fringe benefits tax (FBT)
  • effective inventory transfers
  • stamp duty concessions
  • superannuation
  • goods and services tax

Litigation Dispute resolution

Our knowledge and experience has resulted in many successful dispute resolutions. We see our role as purely being a facilitator, not an adversary. Our success strategy involves looking at the big picture in a dispute, leading us to the best possible result for all parties involved.

Should a dispute resolution lead to a valuation, we can also execute this efficiently and effectively. More details of this can be found on our valuations page.

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