Accounting and Auditing Government Department Services

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In a rapidly charging economic and political environment, government agencies and organisations are continually faced with new and complex challenges. We aid Government in engaging with the not-for-profit and private sectors. Both these sectors are specialties of ours, and our experts leverage this experience to ensure proper processes are in place.

We are committed to assisting government in developing strategies, meeting project and reporting timeframes and maintaining integrity within the community.

Our Queensland-based accounting team has helped different levels of Government, which include

  • Local Government, including water boards
  • State Government, including Departments, Statutory Bodies, Government owned corporations and Statutory Authorities

How third party accountancy helps

In Queensland we are on the Whole of Government panel for QGCPO 878-13 and QGCPO 835-10. These cover our core service offering of:

Finance and contracting reporting services

Our typical services include

  • Annual financial statements in accordance with Queensland Treasury and Trade’s Financial Reporting Requirements (FRRs)
  • Financial reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Finance processes and procedures
  • Financial performance review and viability studies
  • Risk management
  • Financial modeling
  • Taxation
  • Training
  • Finance strategy and options
  • Finance transformation

Consulting and contracting Services for audit management

Example panel arrangement covers

  • Governance and assurance
  • Risk management and contingency planning
  • Business and strategic planning including business case development
  • Operational improvement
  • Business performance measurement and review
  • Business research
  • Training
  • Organisational diagnosis
  • Statistical analysis

External Probity advisory for Government

Our team can help you with an array of probity advisory and auditing services:

  • Development of a probity risk management plan
  • Reviews of planned procurement processes to ensure compliance
  • Reviews of entire processes from start to finish
  • Overseeing the probity of processes by being a consultant to the evaluation panel
  • Working closely with staff to discuss current policies and issues
  • Identifying and advising on potential conflicts
  • Monitoring interactions with the private sector
  • Reporting on the overall conformance to policies and procedures
  • Suggesting and implementing strategies to address risks, potential and actual probity issues
  • Briefing the procurement team and consultants of expected probity of the process

We are an active participant with UHY Haines Norton Western Australia office in:

Local Buy (Local Government of Queensland (LGAQ)) pre-qualified supplier

  • Accounting
  • Business Management and Corporate Governance
  • Financial Services
  • Salary Packaging
  • Bus 219 – 0811
    • Strategic Asset Management
    • Tactical asset management

We maintain ease of engagement by being a panel member on Queensland Government

  • QGCPO 878-13 – Whole of Government Arrangement for Professional Services (Management, Finance, Procurement and Human Resources) Contractors and Consultants
  • QGCPO 835-10 – External Probity Advisors and Probity Auditors for Procurement
  • Local Buy