Probity Audit and Risk Advisory Services

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  • Inspiring confidence and integrity in the procurement process
  • Public sector experts
  • Impartial, fair and equal

Many see probity as a restrictive or constraining process. It doesn’t have to be. Rather than treating probity as a special consideration, we’ll help you see it as a principle to inspire confidence and integrity in the procurement process.

We have a long term commitment to the public sector. Our head of probity, Darren Laarhoven, heads up both our Government and not for profit sector teams. Darren is also an accredited probity advisor and sits on the Queensland Government panel of probity advisors. On a national scale we have been at the forefront of providing services and advice to the industry for decades.

Probity Advice & Business Assurance Services

Our auditors and advisors are not only experienced but totally independent. They recognise the importance of performing to the highest level of integrity and as such put a great focus on conducting their engagements both professionally and ethically.

Fully understanding the requirements of a proficient probity auditor and advisor is essential, and we have demonstrated our understanding across every one of our engagements. The standards of behaviour, probity objectives, independence and integrity, reporting, document security and dealing with any potential or actual perceived improprieties are normal practice of our team.

You will receive a dependable and coherent approach to your probity requirements, which will ensure maximum public confidence in the process and satisfy the Government’s or Board’s policy in meeting key objectives.

Independent Brisbane Probity experts free from conflicts of interest

  • development of a probity risk management plan
  • reviews of planned procurement processes to ensure compliance
  • reviews of entire processes from start to finish
  • overseeing the probity of processes by being a consultant to the evaluation panel
  • working closely with staff to discuss current policies and issues
  • identifying and advising on potential conflicts
  • monitoring interactions with the private sector
  • reporting on the overall conformance to policies and procedures
  • suggesting and implementing strategies to address risks, potential and actual probity issues
  • briefing the procurement team and consultants of expected probity of the process


A team to help you with an array of probity advisory and auditing services:

Our Brisbane probity auditors and advisors are not only experienced but totally independent. A dependable and coherent approach to your probity requirements in QLD.

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Probity FAQ's

A probity advisor is an independent third party appointed to provide assurance that a procurement process is conducted with integrity and fairness. They are responsible for ensuring that the procurement process is conducted in accordance with the relevant legislation, regulations, and guidelines, as well as any relevant internal policies. The role of the probity advisor is to provide advice, guidance, and oversight throughout the process to ensure it is compliant.

Probity in business is the adherence to principles of honesty, fairness, and integrity in the conduct of business. It is the commitment to acting ethically and in accordance with the law, even when it may be more profitable to do otherwise. Companies that practice probity gain the trust of their customers and partners and are better positioned to compete in their markets.

Probity in procurement refers to the adherence to the highest ethical and moral standards in the procurement process. It involves acting with honesty, fairness, impartiality, and integrity throughout the process. Probity in procurement ensures that the procurement process is conducted in an open and transparent manner, free from corruption and conflict of interest.

Probity in a contract is a term that refers to the honesty, integrity and trustworthiness of the parties involved in the contract. It typically implies that all parties involved in the contract have acted in a manner that is fair, honest, and above reproach.

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